Lawn Mowing

Grass cutting or lawn mowing is a job some people hate doing or gets forgotten about but when it is properly can improve the health of a lawn and the appearance of a garden. Mowing your lawn is the easiest and most frequently performed form of lawn care.

Carried out incorrectly can be detrimental. Little and often is the key to keep your grass in good condition. Never try and cut more than a third of the grass at one time. The less you cut the better for the plant after all you are restricting the surface area of the plant. This will affect how much sunlight it can absorb and turn into energy via photosynthesis.

Mowing Lower

If you have a lawn that you want to reduce by more than a third cut it every couple of days until you get it to the desired height. Otherwise if you take too much off it will be yellow underneath and slow to recover. The time it takes to recover could allow any weed seeds to germinate and establish. It could also allow diseases to take hold as the grass is in a weakened state.

Yellowing due to being cut too short


Weeds in a lawn can be reduced by regular mowing the grass will out compete some weeds this is height dependent and cutting slightly higher helps but you will have to adjust to suit conditions/weed type.

When To Cut

There is no fixed month of the year when you cannot mow cut the grass. The best time is before the grass is too long and the conditions are correct. The perfect conditions are when the surface is dry and frost free. On a wet or waterlogged surface, the ground is compacted by foot traffic and by mowers rolling across it. The remedy to this is good lawn maintenance program.

Stripes on a Lawn

The light reflecting from the different angles of the grass gives a lighter or darker effect. The mowers roller pushes the grass in the direction of travel. The stripe going away from you is always the lighter on and I would suggest walking on these to make your stripes last longer between cuts.

You can make some great patterns with stripes something the premier league has now stopped!

Stripes that are not horizontal have been stopped by the premier league since the start of the 2017/18 season

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