Lawn Care An Easy Guide To A Better Lawn

There are a few simple lawn care steps we can all take to help our lawns look better and stay healthy.

Cut your lawn often so you only remove small amounts of grass at once (never more than a third at a time). Otherwise if you cut too much at once the grass plant will be put under stress. If your lawn is too long cut more frequently until you have your desired height.

Cutting your lawn at the same height frequently is how you will eventually get the luxury velvety appearance.

Don’t cut your lawn too short! It will handle environmental impacts better if left a bit longer (25mm plus). Weeds wont be such a problem as the grass will out compete them.

Keep off when wet. This is particularly a problem during the winter when growth is minimal. This compacts the soil forcing air out and stopping water and nutrients flowing to the roots.

Trim the edges, not really lawn care but this gives a really neat appearance and stops the lawn merging with the flowers.

Watering, A lawn will recover from periods of drought and dry weather. But if you wish to water your lawn during dry spells. Once a week is enough if your lawn only needs watering during times of drought. To understand whether you have given it enough water place a straight sided container like a empty jam jar under the spray from your garden sprinkler. Then record the time it takes to fill up to 2.5cm. As this amount of water is said to soak in to a depth of 10cm 4″ in imperial. Enough to sustain your lawns water requirements for a week as long as its not exceptionally hot. Then next time you water set a timer so you don’t waste water.

Lawn Care don’t cut your lawn too short

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