Lawn Care

Does your lawn need some care and attention? Do you want it to look better?

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Fertiliser Application

Boost the appearance of your lawn with an application of fertiliser. This will give you the fastest improvement.

Our year round fertiliser programme is specially formulated with a balance of nutrients for your lawn. It will give you a great looking lawn, without too much growth that some applications give.

Table of treatments recommended.
Application guidelines

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Scarifying your lawn is a must for its long term health and ease of care.

Primarily used to remove thatch from a lawn which benefits appearance. Also allows more airflow and better moisture intake to the soil. Therefore a better take up of nutrients.

A scarify is Important in the battle against moss. Mainly because scarifying a lawn promotes the conditions not favoured by Moss. So a yearly Scarify is important in any maintenance plan.

Aerate Lawn
Lawn care in Camberley


Let your Lawn breathe.

Air is the magic invisible ingredient to your lawn with out it  water and nutrients will not flow through the soil evenly. To nourish the grass plant.

Lack of air in soil can be caused by compaction. This can happen naturally over time. If your lawn gets heavy use this will increase the compaction and if this happens in wet conditions compaction will be made worse. This is easy to spot after heavy rainfall, puddles will remain on the lawn. Compaction will give the grass poor conditions to thrive in. Allowing air into the soil encourages microbial activity which helps to reduce thatch in the lawn.

With a good balance of air in the soil the roots can operate more efficiently, and water and feed can get down into the root zone.

Unfortunately aeration wont have an instant pleasing impact. Your lawn will have small holes all over it. This then needs to recover. Which will probably take about 3 Months.

Lawn Aeration

Moss Control

Moss could be caused for a number of reasons. But most of the causes can be addressed with regular scarification, aeration and feed. A Chemical application can also help in the reduction of moss.

Other reasons for Moss could be too much shade. Also the wrong height setting on the mower. Therefore a regular maintenance programme should keep moss under control.

Moss In Lawn Farnham

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